Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Shamu of Seaworld Orlando is HUGE!

This is a repost with minor edits of my vacation to Orlando, Florida with my Malaysian college-mates. We went for the trip in the summer of 2006, while I was still an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


Orlando Day 1 - Seaworld

We arrived in Orlando from Detroit at about 10 am, rented a car, checked in at a hotel, and out to Seaworld that very morning. The weather was really hot and humid, which kinda reminded me of Malaysia... that first day I think I sweat gallons. By the time we went home my shirt was almost entirely soaked.

Took a picture right after the entrance gates. On the 'lighthouse' at the back - there's a drawing of Shamu - the bigshot celebrity orca at Seaworld.

Shamu is really BIG. That killer whale didn't look as huge while swimming around in the water and tossing the trainers around. Once it 'whaled' itself onto the stage right in front of us we could see how big this mammal is compared to us humans.

I expected to be soaked by Shamu's tail splashing but we were seated too far back to be splashed on by the orca. The audience who sat on the first 4 or 5 rows were soaked. I wouldn't mind the soaking; it was just too hot, I'd love it if a whale would splash cold water to cool me down.

Shamu was everywhere... and almost every time we see the whale's representation (sculpture, statue, mural, etc etc) we would stop and take a picture. I guess it wouldn't be Seaworld without Shamu.

A shark was flying around in a dark room... nah. This was taken while we waited in line to see some sharks in an aquarium. That shark on the wall is of course fake.

We ended the day petting some dolphins. Earlier we petted some stingrays... they are cold, soft and slimy to the touch. These friendly and cute dolphins however, are hard and smooth to the touch, reminded me of a shiny motorcycle gas tank or helmet.

We did a lot more than just watching Shamu and petting dolphins, but I just want to make these entries short and simple, so tell me if you want to know more (which I'm sure nobody does).

Next day, our next destination - Animal Kingdom.


I have been browsing my old Xanga entries and stumbled upon the Orlando posts, which brought back a lot of memories. Seeing that I used to have zero readership back then (and some small amount today) I decided to reshare the experience again here with the fairly recent readers.

Has anyone else here been to Seaworld Orlando? If you have, please do share your experiences as well, it'd be fun to recount and relive the moments =)

I shall repost Day 2 of the Orlando trip in the next post.

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