Monday, March 15, 2010

The Real Mad Hatters of Disney!

Orlando Day 3 - Disney MGM Studios

We began the next day by visiting Disney MGM Studios (now known as Disney Hollywood Studios), the movie/film industry themed portion of Walt Disney World.

P7280034 P7280036

Everyone felt so uppity that day that we took almost 10 pictures every 3 minutes... we barely walked 5 steps and all of us just stopped to take pictures...

P7280037 hishamday3 183

We took pictures with anything that catches the eye... even just a car on the side of the road...

hishamday3 141

MGM Studios has sets for filming scenes in certain cities... for example San Francisco (the pic above)...

hishamday3 143

... and the classic New York City. Personally I think the NYC set looks more convincing, what do you think?

hishamday3 191 nali 056 hishamday3 196

The ride of the day... The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in the Hollywood Tower Hotel... the ride drops you down and shoots you up multiple times and you can see the view outside as well... got us pumped with adrenaline. Good thing we got on this ride before lunch.

nali 005 nali 036

yazidday3 040

Car stunt show was both fun and educational... and they try to slip in some comedic appeal as well, which, for the easily amused me, worked excellently. The show featured some car stunts and also some 'how we did it', with a cameo by the famous Volkswagon Herbie (the Love Bug) and a big explosion to end the show.

yazidday3 074 hishamday3 126

hishamday3 125

As with previous Disney parks... go to the Disney store, wear fancy hats, take pictures, put them back. Pick another hat, take pictures, put em back. Rinse and repeat. Haha we're so cheap! We're the real Mad Hatters of Disney!


Next stop: EPCOT                  

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