Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Innocence of Youth

"The young cannot be blamed for not knowing what it's like to be old, but the old is guilty of forgetting what it's like to be young"

Or something of the sort. Guess where the quote came from, for bragging rights.

Innocence. I can't help but notice how little children emanate their glow of youthful innocence whenever they have fun.

They are honest and frank. They do not deviously insult nor flatter. They speak their minds and express their honest opinion on anything, without fear of being judged.

Kids don't wear a mask on their faces. They cry when they are sad, and laugh when they are happy. They don't pretend to be excited when they're not, and when they do become excited, they honestly are.

When they do things to make you happy, you know they're not doing them because they had to. They do them because they want to. And seing your happy face, in turn, makes them happy as well. And that is enough for everyone, both you and them.

I long for the same youthful innocence, for I feel like it has left me for quite some time.

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