Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Street Cat-Beggar

I was having lunch with my family at a small town restaurant when I saw several street cats begging for food. One of them was successful in procuring a half-eaten piece of fried fish. I had my D60 on hand so I thought, I took some pics of stray dogs... how about street cats going about their daily life? It's basically the same as taking pics of people in the street - minus having to ask for permission (or model release). This street cat-beggar was more than cooperative, it basically gave me some brilliant facial expressions for me to capture in photos.

And so, friends, taken from my flickr site, are the photos of the street cat-beggar.

Stray cat-beggar Stray cat-beggar Stray cat-beggar

Stray cat-beggar

Stray cat-beggar Stray cat-beggar

Stray cat-beggar

Feel free to give comments / advice / etc on my photography or the subject. And for those who flickr, do add me please! Thanks.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I was bored waiting in the parking lot for my sisters and I noticed a couple of stray dogs sleeping peacefully...

I used to be terrified of dogs, as most Malays in Malaysia do, partly because their barking scared me and because I have been told since I was very young to avoid them in any situation... but after some non-traumatizing incident when I was ten or eleven and also my experience living in the States, I have become less and less averse to the presence of these domesticated canines around me... home or stray.

Unless some rottweiler breed starts brandishing its teeth and barking madly at me with its bubbly mouth, I am not one to jump and run away at the sight of dogs...









Oh and Mae, it seems that I have jumped from small bugs to bigger animals... if you want more bug photos just say so and I would go back to looking for some good bug shots...

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