Friday, March 12, 2010

Cinderella Castle is Really NOT That Tall!

Orlando Day 2 - Disney's Magic Kingdom

We went straightaway to the Magic Kingdom later in the afternoon, right after we left Animal Kingdom.

zul 482 

This is right in front of the entrance to Magic Kingdom. You'll find a lot of people here just standing or sitting around, either having pictures taken, waiting for someone, or just people watching.

disneyhisham1 085

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The Toontown Fair is where you'll find lots of fair-themed shops selling lots of Disney merchandise. Although it looks like a town or country fair, the prices are not like those you find at fairs! But they are all really wonderful souvenirs, I wish I had more cash on me to grab some of them home, especially the wonderful hats and plush toys.

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I stank of Stitch's breath for the rest of the night after the Stitch's Great Escape 'ride'. The ride involves experiences in light, sound, sense and smell! There's a part where you get sprayed with Stitch's slobber and where he belches on your face, you can feel the heat of his breath and smell the hotdog and mustard!

disneyhisham1 107  zul 512
If only these Stitch hats were any cheaper... I love the fancy hats and one hundred times more if they were of Stitch. I can say that Stitch is definitely one of my favorite Disney characters. Being poor students, we did what any poor student would do in a Disney park souvenirs shop --- wear hats, take pictures, put hats back on shelf. Grab another hat. Repeat.

zul 513  

We stayed until the night to experience the night parade and the fireworks.

disneyhisham1 109
For the night parade... we couldn't find a good place to sit, so we
stood for an hour in the middle of the crowd, with people
pushing and pushing to get a good view of the colorfully lit Disney
characters parading with lightbulbs and LED costumes.

zul 516 
Cinderella and Prince Charming in the pumpkin horse carriage.

zul 515
Ariel, from the Little Mermaid. Not as skimpy as the cartoon version, haha.

zul 529  
Cinderella Castle at night. The castle was constructed to make it seem like it's really big and tall, but it's really not that tall. They use forced perspective in the construction of the castle, because according to the local regulations, any structure taller than a certain height must have a red blinking beacon at its pinnacle. Since this will interfere with the 'magical' theme of the castle, they built it shorter than the regulation height, but incorporate the forced perspective so that the castle would still look big and commanding.

And I was too mesmerized by the fireworks that I didn't take any photos! But pictures won't do it justice, you have to experience it for yourself!

Next: Disney MGM Studios!

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