Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Body Mass Analysis - 090901

The Ergonomics Lab next door has this machine and software that not only weighs you but also do several analyses on your body so that you know how your body's mass is distributed and how much weight you have to gain or lose. I went over today and had an analysis done so that I know where I'm at right now and where I should go next.

Here are the results:

This tells me that I have normal lean mass distribution and basically I don't need to change anything to improve my lean mass distribution. However, fat mass is another case. In all body segments I seem to have a little bit too much fat mass so this means I have to work out all parts of my body (both lower and upper) more and consume less fatty food, generally speaking.

Me being overweight is no surprise. And so is the body fat mass content, although I didn't expect it to be that high. Also, if didn't have any fat, I'd weigh 56.6 kg (124.8 lbs). That's around the lower spectrum of the normal range for my height.

I'm a bit delighted that I have a more-than-normal skeletal muscle mass. This confirms my theory that a lot of my mass is made of muscle and bones instead of just mostly fat. I don't really look that fat for my weight (81.5 kg / 179.7 lbs). You can look at some of my recent photos in this entry (scroll down to see pics of yours truly) and tell me if I look my weight. In fact, I weighed even more back then.

I guess the numbers above are appropriate. They mostly reflect my current physical attributes. However I find the basal metabolic ratio a bit unsatisfactory. It seems like I have a lower-than-normal BMR. So I need to have this number raised. Any suggestions how?

This suggests that I don't have to gain or lose any more muscle mass, but I do have to lose fat mass by 15 kg.

I guess that's a viable target then. To lose 15 kg. Maybe not by end of this year, but eventually. Actually, make that two and a half years. Two and a half years to weigh 15 kg less.


We'll see how this goes.

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