Thursday, September 10, 2009

Body Mass Analysis - 090908

Last Tuesday I revisited the Ergonomics Lab to continue with my weekly body mass analysis to monitor my progress. As it turns out, I actually have lost some weight (which is what I would like to have happen) but alas, not everything is good news.

Basically, over the last week, I lost 1 kg (2.2 lbs). My weight has dropped from 81.5 kg (179.7 lbs) at the beginning of September to 80.5 kg (177.5 lbs) at the beginning of the second week of September.

Here is the body composition chart from 1 September:

And here is the chart from 8 September:

As you can see, my losing weight, although in itself may be a good news, is only a blessing in disguise.

Fact of the matter is, the weight I lost is due to loss of muscle mass instead of fat. This confirms most of the stuff I know about losing weight through reducing food consumption. The body will use up your muscle tissue for energy instead of using the fat storage under the skin (or surrounding the muscles and organs). The way to counter this effect is by physical exercise i.e. workout or sports activities; since physical activities help build up and tone your muscle, the fat storage will be used instead for energy.

The numbers don't lie. I confess that even though I have been reducing my food consumption over the last week, I haven't been doing any serious physical activities. And thus the consequence of that is reflected in the numbers (and admittedly, I can feel my overall strength reduced).

From this session of my body mass analysis, I can see what I need to do now. In addition to eating less, I have to engage in physical activities. Since I am fasting for the next few weeks, I can't go to the gym to work out or play outdoor sports since these will cause me to sweat a lot and I will lose to much water and probably cause dehydration. I think simple indoor exercises would possibly help.

What kind of indoor exercises should I do for the next one week or so? Suggestions are welcome and are truly appreciated.

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