Friday, September 18, 2009

Lobsters or Crayfish?

Taking pictures of crustaceans in a water tank a.k.a. aquarium was not as easy as I thought, especially when using flash. The light keeps getting reflected off the glass so I got flash flares in the pictures. After a few tinkerings and adjusting the angle and composition I managed to get some to turn out ok.

These lobsters are eyerain89's latest addition to her aquarium at home.

This one was quite shy. It kept staying in the barrel and refused to leave. This was the most decent shot I have of the shy lobster.

This one seems to be loving the camera. It stayed around close to the glass so I managed to take some closeups as well.

I sometimes had this weird feeling that the lobster was actually smiling to the camera.

Once or twice it tried to 'feel' the camera but of course, the glass was in the way.

What's a portrait without some side profiles, eh? Being a lobster, it can still look at the camera even when facing sideways!

The lobsters (or maybe crayfish) are still younglings... I hope I get to take some pictures of them when they're much bigger.


P/S: Oh how I have missed shooting pictures!

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