Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Resolutions progress

Back in early January I made some resolutions, as did most people everywhere that time of the year.

So far only one is achieved. I am in graduate school doing a master's degree, albeit by research and thesis and not coursework.

The third one seems unfeasible by now. The fourth one is partially achieved... the first one is not out of reach yet but I haven't made significant number of steps in that direction.

So this is my latest resolution. To resolve to fulfill at least the first and fourth resolution (since I think the third one is unfeasible, financially at least).

Some ways to achieve this:

1. Go swimming in the pool in the mornings. Yes I the apartment I live at has a nice big swimming pool. Only dipped in there 3 times if I could remember. Very underutilized.

2. Regular evening jogs. Next to the engineering building at the university is a lake with a jogging track around it. Less than half a minute away from my office. I can actuall see it out the window. I've only jogged there once. Again, very underutilized.

3. Reduce the consumption of rice. This I have done with considerable success. I eat much less rice these days, and I don't seem to crave for it too much either. Thank you 4.5 years in the States.

4. Regular workout sessions, either in the morning or evening. There's a gym near the university that charges only RM2 per entry (that's USD0.61, $0.84 Singaporean). Very cheap. I should utilize this to attempt that 'six pack abs in six months' challenge (yeah right).

5. Martial arts training twice weekly. I have been doing this regularly. If only the training place is much closer to where I live...

Now, on to the first step. That is, to believe I can do all this. I CAN.


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