Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Dog-like Horse

I saw this horse lying down on the ground, not moving, as if it were dead.

Then I saw the marks on the ground that showed that the horse had been moving, and I felt relieved. The mammal was still alive.

I really thought it was dead. Or at least dying.

Until it rolled over on its back.

Just like a pet dog.

It continued to roll over on its back over and over again, probably trying to hit that particular hard to scratch spot of itch.


These photos were taken during a visit to the animal park section of Malaysia Agricultural Park in Bukit Cerakah, Shah Alam.

It's been a while since I last posted anything about my photographic explorations. I have been quite busy with work and have almost no time to dedicate to this beautiful hobby.

I shall try to sporadically post more photos I recently captured here and there, where I waste away my Nikon D60's shuttercount for valuable photographic experience.

Please do drop any comments, critique and/or suggestions regarding the photos in the comments section below. Feedback is very much welcomed!


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