Sunday, November 14, 2010

Injured Ant

For the good part of an hour, I was down on my belly like a lizard, prowling upon six-legged crawlies not to feed upon them, but to immortalize them in photos.

I perchanced upon a large ant with an unusual walking pattern. As if it was helplessly wandering around looking for something, or running away from an unseen predator.

I roleplayed myself into becoming this peculiar ant's predator, pretending that the ant was scurrying away from my predatory eyes (or rather eye, because DSLRs are not stereographic/stereoscopic).

Capturing this oddly wandering ant proved rather difficult, as it was really hard to anticipate its movements due to the unpredictable and random walking pattern.

After almost half a hundred shots, and reviewing them on the computer, I realized why this ant was so oddly peculiar.

It was injured.

I don't know how it happened, but somehow, the ant got a small shard of glass stuck to the tip of its abdomen.

Assuming ants can feel pain, I felt sorry for the six-legged creature much later.

I had a feeling that this ant did not survive the day. For an insect so dependent on the strength of swarms and the support of its colony, there was no way an injured ant could have survived the day.

The ant must be so unlucky to have been pierced by that shard of glass. Who would've thought that a broken piece of glass could hurt something as small as an ant?


P/S: For another closeup of an ant:
Angry Red Weaver Ant

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