Friday, September 03, 2010

Suggestion Needed: Looking for a New Ride

My 9-year old Proton Waja have recently checked out of the workshop, after spending three weeks under the knife (or rather, spanners and wrenches and power tools and such).

The front of a first generation Proton Waja, i...Image via Wikipedia. Disclaimer: Not picture of my car. But it's a first-generation Waja nonetheless. A true Malaysian car, pictured here in its true Malaysian glory: double-parked behind legally parked cars. 

The family Waja is such an old car. In fact, it is the oldest car we currently have to date.

Therefore, gremlins have been living in the car for almost a decade and have caused lots of minor malfunctions.

The malfunctions to date:

- Power windows for the rear doors not working properly.

- Transmission is faulty. Car stuck at third gear most of the time. Therefore, driving long distance on the highway causes the car to guzzle gallons of gasoline faster than a thirsty camel.

- Radio changes station randomly. Used to freak me out at first because it reminded me of some ghost stories/movies I've heard/watched in the past. But no more, because I know the radio is faulty, and the car's not really haunted. I think.

- Front tyres are balding. I spun my car a few times already this year. Too fast too furious on that last turn.

- Front suspension groans every time I do a hard brake. I recently changed the rear suspension, which cost a lot. The front suspension might be due for a change now.

- Cooling fans for the radiator and the air conditioner failed sometimes. But, since I slammed into a taxicab earlier this month, they have been replaced with new ones since the failed ones were completely destroyed in the accident.

- All 12V power points (or cigarette lighter socket) don't work. I can't use anything that requires electricity in the car (such as car vacuum cleaners, GPS device, in-car phone chargers, etc.)

- Rear left door can't be opened from the outside.

- Car can only be unlocked from the passenger's side. If I unlock it from the driver's side, the car locks itself back instantly.

- There's a snapping/breaking sound every time the front passenger power window is engaged.

- Occasionally and randomly, the viper system activates. Glad I know how to start the engine despite the viper being in effect.

- The 'door ajar' alert is always on.

- Dents and scratches on the body.

Et cetera et cetera.

I guess it's time for a new car.


Hawa and Zidni suggested that I list the criteria of the car that I would like to procure and my budget range, which I think is a great idea. Here goes:

Must be above 1000 cc.

Must be able to carry 5 people comfortably.

Significant luggage space in the boot.

High fuel efficiency for both city and highway driving.

Manual transmission, not automatic nor AMT.

Budget: less than 50k preferably.

What car would you suggest me get to replace the old Waja?

p/s: please suggest an affordable and reliable car. Feedback is so much appreciated!

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