Tuesday, September 28, 2010

iPhone 4 Play

My sister Kim has an iPod Touch. She got it a few weeks ago, for 'educational' purposes. For the few moments I had my hands on the iPod Touch, which is the closest I can get to holding an iPhone, I found myself glued to one particular app: Chicktionary.

Image from ifreeware.net
It's a vocabulary game, the kind you commonly see on the net, like Text Twist on Yahoo! Games. Call me a nerd but if I wasn't glued to the iPod Touch or iPhone for photos or videos or a math analysis and equation app, it'd be this kind of app - something to do with spelling and vocab.

Image from appshunt.com
If you've played Yahoo! Games' Text Twist, the game will seem familiar to you. The main difference though, is that the time limit is only for finding certain number of words, after the time limit is over you still have to finish the puzzle. There are no levels so getting a high score is not easy since the game ends once you spelt all the required words. My highest score is I think around 39000, which to date has not been broken by any member of my family, not by a long shot.

Anyway, if I ever get myself an iPhone, I'd definitely have this app in the front page!

For a review of this app, click here.

Anyways, to the big bosses of the Yellow Fellow:


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