Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quick Updates

So swamped with stuff, searching for space in my schedule to scribble here, so sorry for the scarcity of substance.


Quick updates:

Work at school has been piling up. I am starting to get to remember names of students better, especially those who pay attention to lessons, ask questions and submit assignments. I am also entrusted with other responsibilities that are not related to teaching math, such as basketball, speech coach and band manager. Might also be asked to take photos of school events, which I would gladly do, despite my poor photography skills.

I was involved in a traffic collision (car accident) a little more than a week ago. The collision was entirely my fault. I lapsed into sleep while driving, and woke up half a second before hopelessly slamming the brakes and banging into the back of a taxicab. Front of the car was badly damaged and had to be repaired, which'll take about a month. The first week I was without a car, I walked to and from school every morning and evening, which took half an hour of brisk walking each way. Coupled with fasting, the walking made me lose weight by about 4kg in 5 days.

My brother Ayid finished memorizing the Qur'an recently so my family organized a little kenduri to celebrate. Most of the inviteds were close family and neighbors. Due to the amount of delicious food available, I was tempted and overate. The 4kg loss was rendered useless in one night.

This week my sister let me borrow her car for a week. I have not been walking to and from school since I can now drive instead. Now I am able to go buy food at Ramadhaan bazaars before going home, which does not help health-wise. Therefore, I might be going to the gym this week to compensate the unhealthy lifestyle.

I need to attend to the pile of papers on my desk now, so here is where I end, for now.

How have you been for the past few weeks?


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