Tuesday, February 01, 2011

[Egyptian Crisis] Updates on Malaysians in Egypt

Just providing several links to the latest updates on our family and friends who are in Egypt during this crisis.

A blog set up by volunteers who are helping with communications between Malaysian students in Egypt and Malaysians at home. Frequently updated.

A Facebook note regarding the latest news about Malaysian students in Mansoura University in Egypt

Facebook page for everyone concerned about the situation with our students in Egypt. Like the page if you want.

Bernama news. Government plans to bring students to Saudi Arabia using our own navy ship, then have them flown home from there.

Tweets from @tonyfernandes mentions that Air Asia X will try to bring home students from Egypt via Turkey or Iran.

If anyone has any more links to updates on the current situation of our fellow Malaysians in Egypt, please do share.

Please also help spread the links around. Thank you.

May our friends and family over there be in the blessing and protection of the Almighty. Ameen.

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