Monday, January 31, 2011

Birthday Wishlist

February is coming. Water is flushing out the Aquarian jug, the rabbit is coming to chase the tiger away, and Cupid has restocked his supply of diapers and arrows. As people get excited over getting either a red packet or Forrest Gump's philosophy of life, I am left to ponder one important (at least to yours truly) question: will people remember it this time?

Having a birthday so close to V-day and being actually born in Victoria on the disastrous Ash Wednesday bushfires of 1983, I am already used to people overlooking the anniversary of the day I was welcomed by my parents, the doctor, and Sister Morse to this world in a now non-existant room of the now-demolished Queen Victoria Women's Hospital in Melbourne.

Anyway, never mind that. Facebook is now here, and people will know on the day itself or one day after anyways.

Therefore, I made a list with this wishful thinking, that somehow someone would take this list into consideration, and I will in a few weeks be happy to get ever so close to being three decades old.

Here is the list, in no particular order.

1. Camera + Laptop bag

I have a Nikon D60 that I carry in an old secondhand camera bag whose zipper gets stuck 100% of the time and is bursting at the seams because I keep putting more stuff in it (extra lens, flash, remote trigger, extra battery, charger, lens cap etc). I'd like a backpack camera bag that can fit a laptop, my DLSR, at least two lenses, a speedlight flash, and a battery charger. Some examples below:

Lowepro CompuDayPack. Photo taken from

Lowepro FastPack 250. Photo taken from

2. Decent looking watch

The last watch I had snapped on me (the strap I mean) and I haven't worn a watch ever since (that was about four or five years ago). I rely too much on my handphone for time and it's a hassle sometimes, especially when I have stuff in both hands and the handphone is in the pocket.

I'd like something with a black strap (leather or rubber, doesn't matter) and the face doesn't look juvenile (no G-Shock or Baby-G please). Examples below.

Nike Triax Swift ADX. Photo from

Fossil AM4296. Photo from

3. Polarizer filter, graduated filters and holder

I am constantly frustrated with overblown and overexposed skies and clouds whenever I shoot landscape. Neutral density graduated filters, circular polarizer filter and a universal filter holder would help a lot.

Cokin universal filter holder and square sunset filter. Image from

4. Portrait macro lens

A lens that can be used for both macro and portrait. I have my eyes on the Tamron SP AF 90mm Di Macro lens for Nikon.

Photo from

5. A bicycle

Maybe I can save some money on fuel and ride a bicycle to and from school. My car will then only be used for when I need to bring stuff (like piles of books to be marked) or help drive people to their destinations. Or going home to Seremban or when it rains. One more step to being greener.

Dynamic Outback. Photo from

And since I am all about safety on the road, I'd want a bicycle helmet thrown in as well.

Photo from

I have more, but it will go into the realm of ridiculously pricey presents (think bigger lenses and cameras, smartphones, Apple laptops, etc) so let's just stop here.

We'll see if any of these make it into the box this year. *Prays*

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