Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vomiting Spider

I remember bringing in this spider for an impromptu photoshoot almost two years ago. It was just chilling there, underneath the ping pong table when my little bro spotted it. I immediately took a white printing paper and scooped it up, brought it to the coffee table of my living room and started taking photos of it using reverse lens macro technique. I think I did more than ten shots from different angles, all with undiffused flash, before I noticed something peculiar.

The spider vomited.

Probably because of the endless bursts of blinding flashing lights that I keep bombarding at a small creature with eight eyes, and a makeshift white studio made from white paper definitely did not help to comfort the little arachnid from the confusion and dizziness I might have caused it.

I felt guilty and took the spider out and let it free in the front yard of my house. Still felt bad afterwards, but at least I did what I can to not add to the poor guy's suffering.

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