Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back from the Land of the Hornbills (edited with more pictures!)

I'm back, people! I haven't much time to write, so here are a few pictures of my Silat boys and girls at the tournament in Sarawak.


EDIT: Pictures taken after the formal dinner later that night.

No prize for guessing what we brought home from the tournament...

Got to go for now. Some stuff to be delivered to the family back in Seremban. Going to the airport to see a friend off. She's flying back to the U.S. to start her second year in college, in Penn State U.

This post will most probably be edited later with proper narration of the going-ons of the tournament.


Oh, and I'm having my wisdom teeth pulled out tomorrow, possibly a minor surgery that would leave me literally speechless (as in, unable to speak) for maybe a couple of days... Weirdly enough, I'm looking forward to the surgical procedure... Maybe it's because I want these two 'wiseguys' out of my life so badly...

EDIT: The dentist who was supposed to perform the operation was called away for a seminar. Another dentist took up the job, but she had her schedule full for the day and for the next few weeks, so she only had time to take out one tooth. I will have my other wisdom tooth extracted possibly in October, after Hari Raya month.

Best of all, when I thought that the operation would cost me hundreds of bucks, the dentist told me that it was free of charge. How awesome is that?

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