Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's crunch time!

Crunch time crunch time.


Powerpoint presentation of possibly 40 plus slides need to be prepared by Thursday. Presentation on Sunday evening. Progress: possibly 25% done.

Mental and physical preparation for the possibly nerve-wrecking presentation. Essentially going to be my first presentation in front of the international scientific community. Progress: don't know.

Losing weight before the possible overeating of seafood and murtabak. Progress: actually I don't care anymore.

Saving money for buying stuff to take home. Progress: too late for that. Crossing the straits as a poor man.


Today's the first day of A-level examinations for her. She's taking Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry for a grand total of twenty-something papers. Exams over in about six agonizing weeks. Please keep her in your prayers!


Just a few days before the Xanga meet! I sincerely do hope to be able to make it in time and not be too busy to get to see you guys!


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