Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Darn it you guys

You know what?

Make a referendum. See if the people of Perak want snap elections or not.

Better yet: Regardless of whoever becomes MB just dissolve the State House to make way for snap elections.

Seriously, we don't need power hungry politicians to keep telling us what we want or what we need. We already KNOW what we want and what we need. Don't insult our intelligence. Snap elections is the way to go. Let the people decide.

I couldn't care less who becomes MB right now as long as snap elections happen. Then we can effectively end this political power struggle. Sheesh.

I'm sick of politicians playing with the interpretation of the law and the constitution for the benefit of THE PARTY. Please please please think about the people. Have a mutual agreement between the two, saying that whoever becomes MB must call for dissolution of the House and also for a fresh state elections so that the people can decide. Then it'll be fair to everybody. Right? Unless you only care about which party is in power. The party should never be the priority. The people should be.

There I said it.


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