Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Double double

I'm not talking about the NBA.

Those of you who know me well would already know that two of my sisters, Tina and Mya, are twins. Fraternal, I think, but to some people they look so alike that it has been thought that they are actually identical, though I beg to differ. As little girls they were raised in a typical twin fashion: matching clothes, matching shoes, matching toys and books and even schools and classrooms. But as they got older and reached their teens, their individual personalities began to develop. Habits, sense of style, passions, hobbies, etc. have begun to emerge and evolve differently for each of them. The part of them that identifies them as twins is still there, but I could sense some vibes of "me and her and not us" since a couple years ago. In some way I felt oh, they don't look so much like twins anymore. But another part of me was really glad they discovered their individual selves differently and apart from one another.

To cut things short I really love having twins in the family. Two of my aunts are fraternal twins and I have two sisters who are twins. And to add to the duality of things, three weeks ago my youngest aunt gave birth to twin girls, and now I have twin cousins.

So we went to my grandparents' house to pay them a visit and welcome the twins to our already big family (my dad is 5th out of 12 children, all of them married and most have lots of kids). I think I already have close to a hundred first cousins and it doesn't seem like it's going to stop at the birth of the twins. I love having a big family, an addition of one at a time is a joyous occasion, but two just doubles everything. Everyone is excited and happy for my youngest aunt, and we are expecting many more to come (not just from her, of course) and grow our already sixty-something strong family.

And naturally, the most excited being my twin sisters, who asked me to snap up some pictures of them and the twins... two pairs of girls separated 17 years apart. Some wonder if the babies would grow up to be like Tina and Mya...

Tina, left, and Mya, right. Don't ask me which one's who when it comes to the babies, I have yet to tell them apart

Welcome to the family, Nur Auni Firdina and Nur Qistina Wahida!!!


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