Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I lost my Yahoo account

Friends, and anybody who reads this...

I lost my Yahoo account almost a year ago. And I have for all that while neglected to seek any effort to reconstitute or reanimate this account. It seems that the problem was with my password and profile. Somehow, my password was changed into something I don't know. I tried all the passwords I have ever used for all my accounts and they all don't match. I requested for a reset of my password and that requires a profile verification. And it seems that according to them, I'm not born February 16 or something, because every time I entered my details truthfully, it comes out invalid.

It's so hard for me to give up this account. I so far have been very honest and truthful in my online presence. All my online profiles have my actual photos on them. I use my real name in all my internet accounts. All my emails have almost the same address.

Yes, I have ihsankhairir@whatever.com as the generic format of all my emails that permit addresses beyond the usual formal limitation of 8 alphanumeric characters. For the ones with 8 character limitations , I use mihsankk@whatever.com. And I like the consistency and honesty in my email addresses, I don't intend to hide myself behind some concocted persona that most definitely don't depict me as truthfully.

So to give up this Yahoo account because of this somehow mysterious password and profile change is one of the hardest for me. So hard that I put off almost a year making a new account. And still, having to come up with a new Yahoo address that is not consistent with all my other accounts is such a blister on the soles. But still I went on with it. I created a new Yahoo account.

ihsan.khairir@yahoo.com. That's my new account.

Frankly, I have yet to feel any emotional attachment to this one. It is devoid of any of the memories, the closeness, the friendship, the bond that I had with my old Yahoo account. The old one boasts hundreds in its contact list, while this one, being so new and so recent, has but half a dozen. And the trouble is, since I have no access whatsoever to my old account, it is almost impossible for me to reaccumulate the same heap of contacts in this new one. The old one was very organized, with contact groups and detailed profiles and such; particular details that I put in with care for most of my closest friends on Messenger. And all that effort is gone to waste, and I have to muster everything that I have in me to repeat the same process once I get to find out my friends' Yahoo accounts and add them, I'm afraid, one by one.

So friends, if you have Yahoo and are reading this, and consider me cool enough to be in your contact list (and you on mine), please add me. Thanks.


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