Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shots Using a Crude DIY Mini White Studio

For nearly six months I have been going on without a proper working speedlight as mine was burnt out. Thankfully the speedlight has been fixed and two days ago I went to pick it up at the Nikon service centre, and my SB-600 came back working like new again.

Which means I can start exploring other types of photography, ones I haven't tried yet.

One of them is white studio.

Of course, I have not the resources to go and rent a white studio for photoshoots, so I constrained the scope into capturing small objects in closeup shots.

And for that purpose, I made myself a DIY mini white studio.

The results of the shots taken in the the mini white studio:

I realize I might need to work out more on how the objects are lit in order to get a consistent infinite white background. For my first ever few shots I think they turned out ok. What do you think?

As for the mini studio, this is how it looks like:

As I said, it is quite crudely made, but it served its purpose.

What do you think of the shots? Any suggestions for improvement are very much appreciated!

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