Tuesday, November 29, 2011

[Photo] Jungle Cockroach

A few weeks ago I joined about 60 or so pre-college students for a hike up a mountain, which presented me with ample opportunity to capture images of wild jungle insects.

One of which, is a jungle cockroach.

EXIF: 1/200s, f/22, 35mm with a macro converter, ISO 800, on camera flash with wide diffuser

I hope anyone with expert taxonomical and entomological knowledge can help me identify what species this is so I can properly label and tag the photo.

From the basic anatomy of the bug I can definitely say it is some kind of a cockroach, with different color markings and shades as compared to the urban counterpart.

Like the common cockroach it also has long antennae but somewhere along the antennae there's a band of white marking, as you can see in the photo above. The legs are spiky / thorny like the cockroaches we commonly see.

I shall share other jungle shots I managed to capture in my future posts.

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