Tuesday, April 19, 2011

[Photos] From Shooting Hoops to Shooting Pics

One of the things that I am thankful for after getting accepted to teach at Sri KDU is that I get to be assigned to the basketball team. Basketball is the sport that I enjoy most; I used to shoot hoops and play ball almost everyday since I was in secondary school, never mind the weather or if it was fasting month or not. My main disadvantage is that I am pretty short for a basketball player, and there are many situations where I just can't beat that 6-foot guy to a rebound. But I made up for it by training myself to be able to jump really high, and I remember at one point in college when I was able to jump high enough to touch the bottom of the rim.

I was captain of my basketball team for two years in a row; even though I was not the best player, I was probably the most passionate baller in the team. We were also not the best team out there, and we lost most of our competitive games in the national stage, but we had fun nonetheless. Our best result at the 'national' level was getting into the quarterfinals during my first year of captaincy. Can't remember the team that beat us, but I remember it was held at Purdue University, West Lafayette in Indiana. It was one of my proudest moment as a basketballer playing at the 'national' level, albeit in a foreign country (United States is considered foreign to me).

Now I am quite overweight, still short, but my love for basketball hasn't died. So to be assigned to handle basketball CCA in my first year as a teacher and the school basketball team this year is like a favor to me. Apart from getting to shoot some hoops during training or in between games, I was also able to entertain my other passion --- photography. Shooting sports is a big challenge and no easy feat, and I enjoy the times I get to try my hand at photographing high school sports. I have gone from shooting hoops to shooting pics of people shooting hoops.

Here are some photos I took from a recent friendly tournament held at the German School Kuala Lumpur.

Next week the school teams will be competing in the MSSD Petaling Utama tournament. I wish all the best for my players and hope they can get a good placing this year.

Expect photos of the tournament within a fortnight or so.

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