Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wisdom Teeth That Are Not So Wise After All

Last week I went to see the dentist to have my regular checkup and cleaning and so far, the dentist said that I'm doing great, my dental hygiene have been improving and my teeth are looking better. The only thing I need to do is to increase the frequency of daily flossing (which I admit that I haven't been religiously doing) which will help with reducing the plaque percentage (or something like that). Once this has been reduced I can proceed with the root planing procedure (I think it sounds something like that, I'm not a dentist!)

For all the time I was at the dentist's, the x-ray of my oral region was put up in front of me. I was told (and I actually know this even before the x-ray) that my two lower 'wisdom teeth' are not growing correctly and are impacting the rest of my teeth.

Above is that x-ray shot of my teeth. As you can see the two bottom wisdom teeth grow horizontally and are impacting the rest of my lower teeth. I was told that I need to undergo surgery to have both of them removed.

These two 'unwise' wisdom teeth has been causing me a lot of problems... food get stuck easily back there and being the wisdom teeth that they are, they're really hard to reach using the tip of the tongue to dislodge the stuck food. I find myself always having to use toothpicks to clear them, which may cause injury to my back gum and pave way for infections. It's a good thing that I have made it my daily habit to use antiseptic mouthwash daily every time I brush my teeth, otherwise the nasty infection I got back in 2008 would come back and haunt me.

Anyways, I'm thinking of having both these 'not so wise' teeth extracted. I was told that the surgery might include them having to cut off a small chunk of my jaw in order to take the teeth out... which means that this minor surgery would not be as easy as it seems.

Anyone with prior wisdom teeth extraction experience, please share with me your experience / ordeal... Any advice is also welcome...

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