Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hillside waterfall

Hillside waterfall, originally uploaded by ihsankhairir.

This is the waterfall mentioned in the previous post. This waterfall is located near the West Sumatra highway, and is encountered on the way to Padang Panjang and Bukittinggi if you're traveling north from Padang.

It has a nice, clear pool at the bottom and the water is fresh and cool. When I arrived there I was fully dressed in businesswear to give a presentation on Genetic Algorithms, so I decided not to take a dip in the pool although the tour guide kept insisting us to.

Also, the communal shorts provided at the "kamar ganti" (the changing room featured in the previous post) have no guarantee of cleanliness. In fact, nobody from the tour decided to jump in for a dip, however alluring the pool may be.

Next time, if I were to get a chance to visit this place again, I will bring my own change of clothes and take a dip and maybe a few more pics of this place.

I seem to have forgotten if this place even has a name. For those who are familiar with this waterfall, please do tell me of its name, as it bugs me that I failed to find out what this place is called.


  1. lain kali kan, bawak jer spare baju, wherever you go :P

  2. ada spare baju dalam bas... tapi i was dressed for the presentation already...


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