Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Where the 4 million at?

From a TV report I was informed that about 4.9 million Malaysians are eligible to vote but did not register as voters thus were not able to vote in last weekend's elections.

And 80% out of this 4.9 million would be the first-time voters: Malaysians of the age range 21 - 27 years.

Currently there are about 10 million voters registered, and about 7.5 million turned out to vote.

Imagine if an additional 3.9 million (young) people turned out to vote. The People's Tsunami would definitely have created a bigger splash.

My friends who haven't registered yet: Please register, today. Who knows, your YB might drop dead tomorrow (or declared insane or bankrupt etc etc) and a by-election can be called anytime after that. You don't wanna be left out then.


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