Thursday, March 13, 2008

How many more A's do you want?

Ok so the Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) results were announced today.

Some student in some school in some state got 20 1A's and 1 2A. And in another school a student got 19 1A's. Or something like that.

Typically back in my years of school, students only took at most 10 or 11 subjects.

Now students take more than 15.

I guess our youths are more talented than we previously thought. Or, they know the grading curve will drop significantly this year (because of one certain policy), so they took as many subjects as possible because getting an A in SPM would be much easier these days if you have been decent enough in class.

I think A's should be like currency or precious metals. The more there is of it around, the less value it has.


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