Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Lately I have been able to retain in my memory much of what I have been dreaming in my sleep.

This hasn't happened before, at least in the same degree of frequency and amount of retention after waking up.

These dreams have been affecting me more than ever, causing me to sometimes stop and think about a multitude of things that in the past never really seriously crossed my mind.

I guess this is telling me that my subconscious mind is trying to wake up and make itself more prevalent in influencing my decisions. Most of the time lately my dreams have been telling me what I really feel about certain things (I choose not to yet divulge what those things are) and bring me out of my usual emotional confusion that has plagued me for the past eight years.

I have been unsure about my own personal feelings and have been suppressing thoughts and emotions for so long that these thoughts and emotions tried so hard to find their way out and make themselves heard. And they found the gateway that leads them straight to me: my dreams.

Nowadays I find myself asking myself questions right before I go to sleep. And sometimes in that deep slumber, I find my questions answered.


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