Thursday, February 28, 2008

The change I wish to see...

... in Malaysian politics, or at least the electoral process.

I don't ask for much, just:

1. All campaigning candidates from all parties have equal opportunities to campaign using all media, mainstream or not.

2. Our votes are truly personal and secret.

3. No labeling of the Opposition and their supporters as 'non-patriotic' or 'anti-government'.

4. Mainstream media should be truly objective and not obviously or apparently supporting one side or one party or one candidate.

5. Campaigning funds not drawn from taxpayers' money, not even one sen. All campaigning funds must be either drawn from the parties' funds or raised independently.

6. No good-guys bad-guys in candidacy or even membership of the houses and parliament. Everyone is just there to do their job. And everyone actually doing their job.

7. Elections being what it is supposed to be: power to the people to choose their leaders and representatives. Not just a proxy or proof to the world that we are a democratic country whereas the nation's line of leadership remains dynasty-like.

8. People get equal access to information from all parties and candidates.

There'd be more to list here, but then people would say I'd be asking too much.

Note: Some of the mentioned above might already be in place; the list is just for expressing my wants and does not necessarily reflect what an ideal democracy or electoral process would be.


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