Thursday, August 16, 2012

HDR Photography in Putrajaya

A moment ago I discovered some photos of buildings in Putrajaya of which I used exposure bracketing in order to create HDR (high dynamic range) images out of them. Since I did not seem to have done anything with the photos, I might have forgotten or neglected to process them into HDR and as a result they just sat there as stagnant space-wasters in my external hard drive. A re-exploration led to the discovery of these photos, so I decided to spend some time working on making a HDR image out of one set of these bracketed exposure photos.

A bit of tinkering in Luminance HDR and Adobe Photoshop led to the creation of the image above by merging three different exposures of the same picture. The original unmerged photos are below.

Exposure bracketing and HDR merging allows for details to be shown in more areas of the photos. As you can see from the original photos, underexposing helps bring out the details in the clouds while overexposing  reveals the details of the building in the shade. Since we can't get all these details from a single shot, HDR merging helps us combine these different exposures into a single HDR image.

I am by no means a professional nor an expert on HDR, so I am not sure whether the HDR photo that I created is an example of a good or bad HDR. What do you think?

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