Monday, March 14, 2011

Window Shopping is a Bad Idea

Because it just adds more stuff into your 'Want' list.

In my case, it would be the 'Want-But-Can't-Afford' list.

For a while, the list has been of the following:

The Dyson Air Multiplier
photo credit:

Honestly, who wouldn't want a futuristic looking bladeless fan?

Nikon D7000

photo credit:

I blame Ee Fen for having let me play with this baby a couple of times. Makes me want it so badly!

Tamron SP AF 90mm f/2.8 Di macro lens

photo credit:
Because I so want to return to doing bug shots and this piece of glass would take me beyond what I can do with my arsenal so far.

And now, because of my recent habit of window shopping, the following has suddenly been added to my list:

Apple 13" Macbook Pro
photo credit:
Because I miss using the Mac. The OS X. iLife. Everything. Photo editing on this baby would be such a thrill.

Apple iPad 2
photo credit:
I checked out the features and it seems that it can now do screen mirroring. What a useful tool for teaching! Yeah, I want the iPad 2 mostly to be able to teach cool stuff to my class. Really. I'm serious.

Simplehuman products, like:
photo credit:
Simplehuman trash cans. The way they open and/or close is so cool!
photo credit:
Simplehuman dish racks, with their special water drainage system.


I should stop wandering around 1Utama and The Curve whenever I want to kill time. Because one of these days, I would probably end up going home with an overpriced but very cool trash can and then realize that I don't really need one.

God help me. Help us all mere mortals.

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