Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Frontyard Renovation of the Home

No, not the physical abode that I currently reside in, because that can neither be called 'home' nor can it undergo any frontyard renovation for it does not have any.

I'm talking about the home page of this blog.

Some of you might've noticed that I changed the header from a ridiculously tall 900x500 with large link buttons to a 900x100 without any.

I've wanted to do this for a while. For one thing, I don't think the link buttons were doing any substantial thing in this blog other than direct people to searches for post with certain labels. Therefore, to my reckoning, the buttons do not deserve their prominent placement at the top of the page, so they have been voted off the island (only one vote was required).

Another thing is I want the header to be a bit beefier and to contain less negative space, so I chose a full-bodied, inorganic looking font (Arial Black) and filled the whole header with it.

This would be the first of some of the planned changes that you will see in this blog as I struggle to find time to work on renovating the overall look of this site.

So to the elite few who actually read this blog: What do you think of the new header? Is it an improvement or a downgrade? Do you like the old one or this new one better? Any suggestions that you may have for me in terms of the design of this blog? Do you think I need a shave and lose some weight?

Oops, I went off tangent* again.


* see Chapter 8, Mathematics Form 4.

p/s: I would really like to get to climb up Mt Kinabalu on Independence Dawn, even if I was fasting!

p/p/s: I need to go to the gym tomorrow for a proper workout.

p/p/p/s: I didn't make a snapshot of the blog with the old header, so if this is your first time on this site and would like to see the old header, do tell.

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