Wednesday, October 07, 2009

MATLAB Geekness

Am I a MATLAB geek? Let's look at the list and see...

1. Most of what I do at work involve some amount of MATLAB programming. This is because the nature of what I do revolves around mathematical problems that require repetitive calculations, sometimes even tens thousands of repetitions. So I need to program functions just to produce these thousands of results without having me meticulously do the same thing over and over again thousands of times.

2. I get excited over optimization problems. When given such problems, I like to explore the possible parameters for optimization and then use some programming to find the optimal solution. Programs used so far are AMPL and MATLAB. Methods used so far are multiobjective goal programming, k-means, linear regression, and genetic algorithm.

3. My officemates turn to me for their MATLAB problems, and I get excited over solving those problems. I'd obsess over finding the solutions (I usually do) and would be most happy when the problems are solved.

4. Most of my MATLAB knowledge were self-taught. I read the MATLAB documentation articles like my life depended on it (actually my work depends on it, not that life == work anyways).

5. I sometimes think about mathematical problems and their solution steps in MATLAB code. I feel like Cypher from the Matrix.

6. I update my Twitter and Facebook with what I currently do in MATLAB. Below is a chronological list of the latest status updates:

-Fatigue damage analysis on peak-valley segmented SAE data

-Tweaking my genetic algorithm clustering matlab codes

-Optimization of genetic operator parameter for GA clustering of SAE data

-Still doing genetic operator parameter optimization analysis

-Adding a population limit feature to the GA clustering algorithm to increase analysis speed and also convergence speed

-Gah, matlab processes eating up too much memory space

-Finally! My GA clustering algorithm has been improved! Runtime before: 30 mins. Runtime after: 5 seconds! That's 36000% Improvement!!!

So, what do you think? Am I a MATLAB geek?

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