Monday, March 23, 2009

From Flickr: Putrajaya Photoshoot (updated with more photos)


And yet another photo post from me...

Spiderman stunt double practicing. This shot was taken as a part of a photo outing with fellow forum members.


The new hot-air-filled zeppelin. Hindenburg-proof.

This was the last balloon to take off morning of the 21st.


Looking up one corner of the Taj Mahal style Justice Department building.




EDIT: I came back to Putrajaya a day later to shoot photos of the hot air balloon fiesta. Photos follow.


Some of the many colorful balloons taking off that day. You can see evidence of wear and tear on some of these balloons. The middle one obviously has had a recent patching done.


A view of the balloon's inside as the air is being heated up.


The balloons actually touch and kiss each other before the takeoff, due to the limited space. If this were to happen mid-flight it'd be dangerous I  imagine.


It took quite some manpower to have the balloon from a horizontal position to an upright position.


The balloons taking off to the morning sky, one by one.


A balloon that just passed over my head, giving me an interesting view from below.

Overall, quite an interesting weekend of photoshooting... both solo and in a group. There's still much for me to learn... for those of you who share my interest in photography or have some degree of experience in this field or any related field please feel free to dispense any comments and/or criticism. Thank you =)




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