Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kopi + Mamak fried noodles

No idea why it's a copypasta when almost nothing is copy-pasted because whatever we wrote, we wrote ourselves... anyway I've been tagged outside the Xangarealm for this one. Yeah, nobody has tagged me on Xanga yet, or at least I did not notice I was tagged even when I was. Guess that means I won't be sick when there's an epidemic going around...

Anyways, 16 random stuff eh. Lessee...

1. I am an unofficial traditional martial arts instructor at an overseas preparatory college in Shah Alam, Malaysia. I go there whenever I can, mostly Monday nights and Friday nights.

2. I have quite a large family. My dad's the 5th of 12 and my mom's the 8th of 9. I am the 1st of 9. All my uncles and aunts on both sides are married and have children, except one aunt on my mom's side who has down syndrome. I have close to 100 first cousins. Maybe more. I lost track.

3. I love photoshopping even if I'm not good at it. Yet. I'm watching online tutorials from Photoshop User TV. They're funnily professional about giving online tutorials. It's free, so I have no complaints.

4. I have the same online id for all my online stuff: Xanga, Blogspot, Wordpress, Windows Live, AIM, Gtalk, MySpace, and Skype. Except Yahoo!, because I lost my password for that one and I had to create a new one that's different.

5. I love taking macro shots, if any of you haven't known that yet.

6. When I was in primary school, I secretly wanted to be fat. This was because I was always the smallest person in school and I wanted to be bigger (at least bigger than those kids who always bullied me for my size).

7. I like to drink iced coffee (Nescafe) and iced chocolate milk (Milo) together but separately. That is, the two drinks are not mixed, but I sip on both at the same time so that both sides of my tongue gets to taste different drinks. My friends got used to seeing my order of drinks already. One mamak restaurant already knows me by it. I just sit down and the waiter would just ask me "Nescafe ais milo ais?" What a way to be known for.

8. I actually enjoy using Matlab and I wish that my computer is fast enough for all the stuff I have to do on Matlab.

9. Most of the clothes I have are either black or blue. Guess what my favorite color is.

10. When I was younger my parents liked to bring me to buffet lunches and dinners because they know I'll eat more than their money's worth.

11. I can't take notes while listening to lectures. So what I did in college was I listened intently to the lecturer and took photos of the blackboard whenever necessary. Yeah. I didn't do it discretely either, I had a big old camera that was noisy and I sat in the front row so everybody noticed what I was doing, but since I did it everyday anyways everyone got used to it. The end of the semester, the lecturer said I was a 'genius' for having done what I did all semester. He even bumped up my final grades in the end, haha.This was math class, by the way.

12. I used to memorize all the first generation Pokemons' names and attributes.

13. I am mildly phobic about cockroaches and rollercoasters.

14. The first manual transmission vehicle I ever drove was a 1995 Nissan Serena.

15. I once had a nosebleed after I fell asleep on the floor. I woke up with my face in a small pool of blood, felt dizzy and thought I was dead. That was the one and only time I ever had a nosebleed.

16. I once had a rabbit who couldn't stop reproducing, we gave away a lot of baby rabbits to friends, neighbors and families. One day the rabbits were gone. They actually ended up in the rabbit soup we had for dinner that night. I did not know this until much much later. I was 6 going on 7 at the time.

There you go. As for the title of this post, I just refuse to be a conformist and use copypasta, so I changed it to a typical mamak stall order of coffee and fried noodles.

And I'm tagging a number of people in usertags. Sorry if you were already tagged and have done this before.


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