Thursday, March 24, 2011

100 Facts About Me

I was tempted to do the #100factsaboutme on twitter, but I want to avoid spamming everybody's timeline with stuff they don't really care about, so here I just list down 100 random facts about me, listed down as they pop into my head, in no particular order.

1. I love chocolate, tuna sandwich, plain milk, sushi, and anything that my girlfriend makes.

2. Romantic songs tear me up sometimes.

3. I'm dark skinned since I was born. My parents are fair skinned. They used to tell me I was an adopted Aborigine child when I was a kid, since I was born in Australia.

4. They also used to tell me I was dark because I was born in Victoria on Ash Wednesday. The ash and heat from the fire made me dark, they said. Or so I understood, from what they told me. I was very young that time.

5. I use my real name in all my online presence: Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Xanga, Blogger, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Youtube, etc etc. If you have me in any of those social networks, you know my online alias already.

6. I used to read random pages on Wikipedia every day, sometimes hours on end.

7. I love getting to know random facts, however useless they may be.

8. My favorite colors are blue, black, white and purple. In descending order of preference.

9. I always give people the benefit of the doubt if I don't get the chance to hear all sides.

10. I don't smoke nor drink alcohol.

11. My favorite singer is Shania Twain. Favorite band is The Corrs.

12. Sports I enjoy the most: basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis. In descending order of preference.

13. I tend to sound formal sometimes when I talk to people.

14. I am bad at Maths, but I am now a Maths teacher. The irony.

15. I like to talk and explain stuff to people, even when they don't really care about what I have to say. That's why I become a teacher. I get to talk and explain stuff to people, and get paid for it too.

16. I've been blogging for almost eight years already. My Facebook account is six years old, give or take a few months.

17. I'm a third generation teacher. My mom is a Maths and Science teacher. My late grandfather was also a teacher in the 40's until the 90's.

18. My grandfather founded a school in his hometown when he started out as a teacher. My mom also helped found a private school in Seremban. I have yet to follow in their footsteps.

19. My left shoulder is a bit more flexible than most people.

20. I can do stuff with my left elbow that can make other people cringe.

21. Tiffany Khoo made me realize I am a bit trypophobic.

22. I can eat. A lot. Most people who know me well can vouch for this.

23. I am the first of eight. Nine if my half-brother is counted, and ten if my stepsister is counted.

24. I have almost a hundred first cousins on both my parents' sides. My dad is the fifth of twelve and my mom eighth of nine, and each of my uncles and aunts are married with kids, most of them have more than two children each.

25. I am a fan of Apple products. I have an iMac G5, an iPod Shuffle, and an iPod Nano. All first generation. I used to own an iPhone 4, but it was robbed from me by a robber after 10 days of purchase.

26. I didn't make a move on my first crush. Now she's happily married to someone and has one beautiful baby that looks almost exactly like her.

27. I am a bit katsaridaphobic as well. Google it if you don't know what it means.

28. The reason for #27 is because when I was 5, one went up my trousers when I was in the bathroom.

29. I enjoy photography even though I am not so good at it.

30. When I was 13, my voice cracked on stage as I was performing as a lead singer. I never sang on stage for about ten years after that.

31. I learnt how to play poker so that I wouldn't fail my Probabilities class.

32. The only musical instrument I can play decently was the Guitar Hero guitar.

33. I used to be very skinny and short. Now I am just fat and short.

34. My girlfriend is studying medicine in Ireland. Long distance relationship is really hard.

35. We used to send doodles to each other to cheer each other up.

37. I have a small plastic star in my wallet. It was the first gift she ever gave me when we first met.

38. I know one martial arts: Silat. My girlfriend knows two; she has a black belt in taekwondo, and she is also good in Silat. She has three gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze medal from the national silat competitions she participated in the last few years. Yes, she can beat me up if she wants to.

39. I tend to avoid conflicts rather than confront people.

40. I don't like riding on motorcycles.

41. I once drew a digital painting of a lavender to dedicate to my girlfriend. It's not so good though.

42. I sincerely wish that race-based politics can be abolished in Malaysia.

43. I wish I can be at least quintilingual: Malay, English, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin.

44. My mom can speak Javanese. She sometimes badmouth me together with our Indonesian maid. I never got to know what they talked about, since it was in Javanese.

45. Chatting on ICQ, IRC, YMsgr and MSN helped improved my speed of typing. Before that it was hunt and peck for me. My name took a whole minute to type back then.

46. I enjoy live music, though I don't like loud and wild crowds. This is why I prefer going to musicals and orchestra.

47. My last medal for sports was when I randomly joined a basketball tournament last year at KDU College. My team won first place in the open tournament category! My one and only medal in basketball.

48. I used to be the captain of my basketball team when I was studying in Michigan.

49. When I was overseas, people couldn't guess my nationality / ethnicity. Notable misses were: Cambodian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Venezuelan, Thai, Indonesian.

50. I can't talk fast in any language.

51. I love my Sri KDU students. They are naughty and mischievous sometimes, but I love them nonetheless. Their smiles are what keeps me going every day in school.

52. I enjoy talking to my students more than talking to other teachers.

53. I sleep with the lights on. I know this is bad for the environment and increases my carbon footprint, but I somehow have trouble sleeping if the lights are off. I sincerely do not know why.

54. I get pleasantly happy whenever someone gives me chocolate.

56. I was once addicted to coffee. Used to have more than three cups a day. Now reduced to about three to four cups a week.

57. Sometimes I try so hard to please people up to the point where it takes a toll on my emotional well being.

58. I forgive people easily.

59. I am a bit untidy, but I know where all my things are. If someone tidies up my things for me, I will have trouble looking for my stuff.

60. I tend to spend money on stuff that I end up not using much.

61. Places I want to go right now, given the chance: Dublin, Ireland, so I can see my girlfriend. Miyazaki, Japan, so I can see my sister. Melbourne, Australia, so I can visit my birthplace.

62. I am bad with paperwork and followups.

63. I learned a bit of kendo during my final year in the States.

64. My favorite tv channels are Discovery, NatGeo, History and AXN.

65. I have four years experience working as security of a building.

66. I have two years experience working in a library.

67. I once walked five miles to a train station because I did not have enough money for a cab, just enough for the train fare.

68. A programming assignment once caused me to stay up for three days straight without food nor sleep. My only sustenance during those three days were cups of coffee. I was so high on caffeine on the third day, I kicked all chairs and doors I encountered as I walked home from the Engineering Library where I camped for three days.

69. If someone or something distracts me during a conversation, I often forget what I was talking about.

70. I was once randomly given some candy by a pink ninja.

71. I wrote more than five published papers on Genetic Algorithm.

72. My preference for recycling used bottles and cans causes my place to be riddled with them since I tend to forget to deposit them into the recycling boxes.

73. I am 20 years older than my youngest brother. My mom is 21 years older than me.

74. When my brother was 1 year old and I was 21, people thought I was holding my son.

75. I sometimes look older than I am. Other times I look younger. I don't really get it.

76. I believe in the power of prayers and faith.

77. I sometimes have this feeling that everyone around me actually hates me.

78. When I was in college, I could jump high enough to touch the basketball rim.

79. I once was the chef for a sushi party. For every set of sushi I prepared, I ate one piece before I serve them. Haha food and service tax!

80. I would like to one day settle down, get married and have five kids.

81. I feel violated when someone deletes a picture from my camera.

82. I'm bad at telling people what to do, because I feel bad having to trouble them in the first place. But I have no problems when it comes to telling students what they have to do in class.

83. My first full-time employment is for a job I never applied for. I was offered the job and I took it.

84. My sisters are smarter and more talented than I am, and I'm so proud of them.

85. I used to be quite anal with spelling and grammar, but not so much anymore.

86. People often find my jokes lame. But during those rare instances when I managed to make a witty remark, the appreciation I get from people is priceless.

87. I like to take pictures of bugs and ants and spiders and post them on my blog. But I haven't been able to take bug pictures for a while, hence the absence of new bug shots.

88. I love hanging out with friends and my students, though I am sometimes awkward around them.

89. I dream to someday travel the world and take beautiful photos of people and breathtaking sceneries. With my loved one by my side, along the way, all the way.

90. I have short legs that I wish were longer, so I can be taller and be able to play basketball better.

91. I sometimes feel worried that my students don't actually get what I teach in class, and that they actually understand more when they study by themselves or go to tuition classes.

92. My left calf muscles are smaller than my right calf muscles.

93. I used to own about 15 pairs of shoes before I gave some of them away.

94. I enjoy reading Harry Potter novels and watching the Harry Potter movies.

95. I once had the ambition to become a fantasy novel writer.

96. I tend to be a busybody sometimes.

97. Chocolate and good food cheers me up.

98. My academic counsellor once told me that I should become a linguist instead of a scientist.

99. I love my mom and my family very much even though I am really bad at showing it.

100. I wrote these hundred facts about me on my laptop in my cubicle at my office in Sri KDU.

Phew! There you go. One hundred useless facts about me that I could think off the top of my head at the moment.

I wonder if anyone bothered to go through the whole 100 facts. If you did, thank you for taking the time!

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