Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Universal Studios Orlando Florida

Our last day was spent in Universal Studios Florida. Since we got to have whole day here we decided to not rush things and just enjoy the moment.

hisham4 003 hisham4 004
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Woody Woodpecker. I remember enjoying Woody Woodpecker cartoons when I was little. I think he's like Bugs Bunny. All he does is just annoy people around him and still he comes out on top at the end of each episode. And I loved it. Especially his 'taunt' or laugh, I can't quite represent them in typed words.

Anyway, I guess nowadays you can't create a cartoon character for kids with a name like that. Woody Woodpecker. Hah.

zul 577 yazid4 025
Lining up for the Shrek 4D show. I love the promotional posters that spoofs real-life movies. Like Pinnochio being the star of Liar Liar. 

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The Mummy ride was awesome. We waited in line for like 45 minutes for this one, but it was worth it. The pyrotechs in there, you can really feel the heat on your skin. If the waiting wasn't so long you can be sure I'd go for a second ride.

That 'Pharaoh' on stilts... he was in character the whole time. Never smiled at all, even when a bunch of girls tried to tease him. One girl got so scared she ran... and the 'Pharaoh' chased after her... into one of the shops. It was so funny... her friends was laughing the whole time. I wonder if she'd find it funny. I wonder if she was actually genuinely terrified. 

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The MIB ride, we decided to take the Single rider line, which only cost us 2 minutes of waiting. This is the smarter way to do it I think. You might not get to ride the same car as your friends, but you exit the ride about the same time and you get to share the same experience anyways, so what's the difference? It's not like you're going to be talking to them in the car, you'd be too busy trying to shoot all the aliens around you.

I got to be on the 'disabled' car and since there were no disabled person on the ride, the seat next to mine was empty. Every rider gets his/her own gun, but I got to dual-wield 2 guns, which was awesome, made me feel like a badass ambidextrous super-agent. I was shooting different targets in different directions the whole time, which was totally exhilirating. I got around 100 as my score, another 2 riders in my car got about 150 each, but a young 8-yr old girl got only 9 points, so it brought down our average greatly. It was fun though, coz the group we were up against have 6 people in their car (we had only 4) and they got only a below 90 average. So we were declared winners. 
The Back to the Future ride has no Single rider line, so we waited in line for about 30 minutes I think. I especially like this one because we got to ride in a 'DeLorean' and the screen was so big it was actually a whole sphere-shaped theatre screen (I dunno what to call em). I know that this ride has been there for quite a while, so the 'movie' wasn't in high def so it felt less real than I hoped it was, but still I enjoyed the experience enough to come out of it satisfied. Most of my friends say that the ride made them a bit dizzy but not me, I was pumped up and high after that one.

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P7300027 P7300028
After that we just walked around being silly and take pictures... a lot of em.

zul 640 zul 620    
 zul 599 P7300032  
I especially like this one... where I got to pretend to pry open the jaws of the shark called Jaws. That thing was huge, I think hanging by its tails it was about 25-30 feet tall. Maybe even more. I'm not really good at feet and yards. I'd say it was like 10 meters perhaps.

zul 569 yazid4 059
I think it was safe to say that we took one picture every 45 seconds of walking...

Then we headed to the Hard Rock Cafe Orlando, said to be largest Hard Rock Cafe in the world.

nali4 108 hisham4 002
zul 662 zul 663

Next to Hard Rock Cafe was an NBA store, so I went there and got myself this....
yazid4 096
I am in no way comparable to Billups... but I do like to play the way he plays.

yazid4 105 zul 667
hisham4 042   
A couple of pictures before we left for the day...


The next morning we left Orlando for Ann Arbor after 5 days and 5 parks - Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney MGM and Universal Studios. I wish we'd stayed a little longer so we'd get to get on more rides in each park, but we knew that time wasn't a luxury anyone had, and you had to choose the ones you really want and not regret not taking the ones you didn't so that you'd enjoy the day more. Which I think was the smart thing to do.

Ah, it was fun. 

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