Sunday, November 16, 2008

Photoshoot in Lumut and Pangkor

 Just sharing some photos taken while our research group was in Lumut and Pangkor for a workshop.

The ticket counter was closed because we stopped by the jetty at night. I saw the shadow cast on the door so I decided it'd be cool to take a photo of it.


The hotel pool was very calm at night and the reflection of the things around the pool was almost perfect. I couldn't resist having a photo taken of the duality of reflections.


There is some sort of old metal windmill / wind turbine by the beach and it was creaking with the wind... With the nice weather, sky, clouds and tall grass, who wouldn't want to preserve this moment in photo?


An old ruin of a Dutch fort somewhere on the Island of Pangkor. There are village houses around it. The size of the ruin is not that much bigger than a village house really.


Enjoying the sunset at the beach in Pangkor Island.


As I am in all them, obviously I wasn't the one who took these photos. All credits go to Baharin, who is an awesome labmate and an aspiring photographer.

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